About Matthew

matthew @ work III
Artist Statement:

I am passionate about the aesthetic power in photography and as a photographic artist, I am always striving to represent the innate beauty in the world through my work. I love structure and form; as found in nature, the man-made world and the interaction between the two.

I am currently working on a project looking at how through the abstracting of what I see as the essential elements of everyday situations, I aim to provide a different perspective on how we see our surroundings and therefore help people to fully appreciate the truth and beauty of what we see through the image.

I work in both film and digital photography and l enjoy trying out different types of photographic technique. Although not yet five years into my photographic journey, I'm constantly striving to develop my skills and abilities and have undertaken a number of courses and training; in black and white film photography (35mm and medium format), black and white digital photography, landscape photography, wet plate collodion photography and intaglio printmaking.